A drop of the good stuff

Notes from a cantina deep in the heart of Umbria.



Hows that for a sustainability picture. Generating our own electricity and healthy bees which are a good sign that we have a healthy vineyard with a diverse ecosystem.

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Spring has sprung and and with temperatures this week getting up to the 20's we are speed pruning.  Its a back breaking job and without the power assisted pruning scissors almost impossible. & …

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Prowein 2017

Prowein 2017 was a great experience and the first time we showed our wines at the show.  We certainly took the prize for gorilla marketing and making the most of the opportunity. If you can …

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Cantina Goccia in Amsterdam

Meeting Dutch wholesalers at World Leading Wines in Amsterdam today. Cantina Goccia is expanding and we are moving into the Dutch market.  Umbria is very popular in Holland, so a great place for …

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All made and cut by hand and now we have tagliatelle. Stefania makes it look easy but she is an expert and always makes her own.

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