A drop of the good stuff

Notes from a cantina deep in the heart of Umbria.


Hey Presto Pasta

I love the long rolling pin Stefania - not by any chance an old curtin rail cut in half.  Great idea though!

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Stefania's Pasta Lessons

What do you do in winter when its too cold to be out in the vineyard.  Well naturally you invite Stefania over to give you a lesson on pasta making.

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Don't Tell Me Winter is Not Beautiful in Umbria

It is really cold in Italy at the moment, so much so that we have stopped pruning, but how beautiful are those colours.  Even a bare vineyard can look amazing.

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Cantina Goccia at Winchester Wine Festival

Wonderful weekend at the Winchester Wine Festival - Winchester loves its wine!!

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Peter Richards @ Winchester Wine Festival

Peter Richards, Master of Wine, talking to the BBC at Winchester Wine Festival.  Cantina Goccia's Nesso was said to be the best red at the whole festival!

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