A drop of the good stuff

Notes from a cantina deep in the heart of Umbria.


Falstaff magazine highlights Cantina Goccia's new filling line

German wine publication Falstaff puts the focus on Cantina Goccia's new Paper Bottle filling line that is being made available to competitor wine producers.

Writing for the publication, Adam Murray …

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German broadcaster Kugelzwei asks whether the Paper Bottle is the answer to CO2 emissions

In this video, Zugelzwei asks why wine is almost never available in returnable bottles and suggests that the Paper Bottle could be the answer to reducing CO2 emissions in wine production …

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Guido Fawkes celebrates Earth Day with a bottle of 3Q

Well-known political commentator and blogger, Guido Fawkes, responded to Extinction Rebellion's decidedly enviromentally-unfriendly protest at Canary Wharf by toasting Earth Day with a bottle of our …

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The Frugalpac Bottle

Take a closer look at the Frugalpac bottle as it makes its way through the bottling plant, to the shop and consumer and finally to the recycling bin

Learn how this technology is set to revolutionise …

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Fugalpac in the pages of Wine-pages.com

Tom Cannavan of Wine-pages.com gives a very positive review of both the packaging and the contents of our 3Q 2017 in his wine of the week video blog.

It is easy to get carried away with the …

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