Cantina Goccia Paper Bottle and Frugalpac are making headlines

Since the launch of our 3Q paper bottle at the end of June there has been an explosion of interest in the new packaging technology

We are delighted that there are so many editors are intruiged by this ground-breaking solution to bottling and transporting wine. The question many are asking is 'will people drink wine out of a paper bottle?' We are in full agreement with Peter Ranscombe who answers the question writing in Scottish Field; "That will depend on the quality of the liquid – so it’s good news that Frugalpac has come out all guns blazing and chosen Italian producer Cantina Goccia as its launch partner."

Fiona Beckett writing in the Guardian picks 3Q for her focus on drinks doing their bit for the envirornment and says:  "However good the cause, though, at the end of the day, the liquid needs to taste good – and, to my mind, this week’s picks really do."

Below are just some of the publications and news outlets who have been writing about the environmentally-friendly packaging technology.


Falstaff: 19 January 2023
Cantina Goccia is opening up its bottle-filling service to rivals at its Umbria plant in the hope it will help persuade them to make the move from glass to paper and “massively decarbonise the drinks industry”.

Weinwirtschaft (Germany): 19 January 2023
A report on the Paper Bottle filling line

The Grocer: 17 January 2023
A report on the Paper Bottle filling line

Sustainable Packaging News: 11 January 2023
A report on Cantina Goccia opening a dedicated filling service to help other wine producers switch from glass to paper.

The Buyer: 18 November 2022
A report on alternative wine packaging featuring Cantina Goccia's paper bottle
Kate Hawkings on the future for alternative packaging in wine (

Harpers Wine and Spirit: 7 November 2022
Cantina Goccia signs open letter from WTAF (Wine Traders for Alternative Formats) to the Government calling for the introduction of consumer tax incentives for carbon-friendly alternative packaging.

Tony Wood Blog: 25 August 2022
Tony Wood visits Cantina Goccia and delivers a glowing review of our wines. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Cantina Goccia review)
Colli del Trasimeno Wines (

Olive Magazine: 25 August 2022
Kate Hawkings recommends Cantina Goccia's Celi Wine as one of five sustainable wines to try.
Best Sustainable Wine to Buy | olivemagazine

Wine and Climate: 28 July 2021
This US research group focuses on the academic findings on wine and climate. Dona Stewart highlights the benefits of the Frugal bottle and the quality of the wine: "The unoaked Sangiovese with a small blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic Umbrian red.  The bottle, and the wine within, has received positive feedback among wine critics."

The Daily Mail: 25 July 2021
Louise Atkinson scores our 3Q four out of five', "It is certainly very tasty and not spoiled in any way by coming out of a paper bottle"

The Knackered Mother's Wine Club: 19 May 2021
Helen McGinn wirites in praise of our 3Q, "what’s inside is a lovely, juicy, slightly-earthy-in-a-good-way Italian blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot grapes. Win win, in other words.'

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