Cantina Goccia

Cantina Goccia was born out of the pure love of Umbria and its unrecognised potential as a superb wine producing area deep in the heart of Italy.

The name Goccia simply means 'drop' in Italian. Cantina Goccia is a new venture with very old roots and is based on the union of tradition, passion and innovation.

Umbria gave birth to this unique vineyard and our vision is to create extraordinary wines whose character strongly represent their origin while embracing the latest innovation and research.

The People


The Wine Owner

Ceri: My passion is farming and it has been a dream come true to be able to develop Cantina Goccia from its humble roots of a dozen hectares of old vines into something more akin to a vineyard capable of producing truly great Umbrian wines.


Steve Barber

The Wine Drinker

Steve: As the other half of the 'dream team', I appreciate quality wines. My focus is on the technical aspects of creating superb and memorable wines that truly express their origins. Umbria is a wine region not nearly as well known as its famous cousin Tuscany, but ignore it at your peril. 


The Pickers

At harvest time a faithful band of local pickers descend on the vineyard to help us gather in the grapes.

...and all the people that make our wine possible:

Hicham sorting under the careful glare of Menci Senior!
Getting stuck in.
Hamid on of our team that looks after the vines all year round - Cantina Goccia guy at heart!
It always helps to have a bit of sunshine and a good view when picking.
Menci Senior still smiling
Happy picker.
Riccardo our manager getting stuck in with the team.
A picker in action.